Washington, D.C. 20549


[ ] Check this box if no longer subject to Section 16.
    Form 4 or Form 5 obligations may continue.
1. Name and Address of Reporting Person(s)
   Booth, Thomas W.
   2140 Lake Park Blvd.
   Richardson,  Texas  75080-2254
2. Issuer Name and Ticker or Trading Symbol
   Lennox International Inc. (LII)
3. I.R.S. Identification Number of Reporting Person, if an entity (Voluntary)
4. Statement for Month/Year
5. If Amendment, Date of Original (Month/Year)
6. Relationship of Reporting Person(s) to Issuer (Check all applicable)
   [X] Director                   [ ] 10% Owner
   [X] Officer (give title below) [ ] Other (specify below)
   VP Bus Dev HTD/LII Director
7. Individual or Joint/Group Filing (Check Applicable Line)
   [X] Form filed by One Reporting Person
   [ ] Form filed by More than One Reporting Person

Table I   Non-Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned
1)Title of Security       2)Trans-     3.Trans-       4.Securities Acquired(A)  5)Amount of    6)Ownership  7)Nature of
                          action       action         or Disposed of (D)        Securities     Form:        Indirect
                          Date         Code                                     Beneficially   Direct       Beneficial
                                       -------------  ------------------------  Owned at End   (D) or       Ownership
                          (Month/                              A or             of Month       Indirect
                          Day/Year)    Code       V   Amount   D      Price                      (I)
Common Stock, par value   5/17/02      A(1)       V   2,700    A                  652,544      D
$0.01 per share
Common Stock, par value                                                           144,932      I            Booth Charitable
$0.01 per share                                                                                             Remainder Trust
Common Stock, par value                                                            35,949      I            Daughter Carolyn
$0.01 per share
Common Stock, par value                                                            36,960                   Daughter Kathleen
$0.01 per share
Common Stock, par value                                                            40,062      I            Thomas Booth Trust
$0.01 per share
Common Stock, par value                                                         2,007,956      I            Trust FBO R. Booth
$0.01 per share                                                                                             (1)
Common Stock, par value                                                            68,772      I            by Spouse
$0.01 per share


Table II (PART 1)  Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned  (Columns 1 through 6)
1)Title of Derivative        2)Conversion    3)Trans-   4)Trans-      5)Number of Derivative            6)Date Exercisable and
Security                     or Exercise     action     action        Securities Acquired (A)           Expiration Date
                             Price of        Date       Code          or Disposed of (D)
                             Derivative                 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                             Security                   Code  V       A                D        Date Exercisable     Expiration Date
Non-Qualified Stock Option   $16.21          5/17/02    A     V       6,900                     (2)                  12/13/08
(right to buy)

Table II (PART 2)  Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned  (Columns 1,3 and 7 through 11)
1)Title of Derivative        3)Trans-  7)Title and Amount                  8)Price     9)Number of    10)Ownership   11)Nature of
Security                     action    of Underlying                       of Deri-    Derivative     Form of        Indirect
                             Date      Securities                          vative      Securities     Derivative     Beneficial
                                       ---------------------------------   Security    Beneficially   Security       Ownership
                             Month                             Amount or               Owned at End   Direct (D)
                             /Day/                             Number of               of Month       or Indirect
                             Year      Title                   Shares                  (I)
Non-Qualified Stock Option   5/17/02   Common Stock, par       6,900                   6,900          D
(right to buy)                         value $0.01 per share

Explanation of Responses:

(1)  Restricted Stock Award
(2)  The option becomes exercisable in three equal annual installments, comencing one year after the date of grant.
-    Attorney-in-fact pursuant to the power of attorney dated 7/9/99.

/S/ By: Carl E. Edwards, Jr.
    For: Thomas W. Booth
DATE 6/7/02